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Celebrating The Life And Legacy Of Judy Fridono And Therapy Surf Dog Ricochet: Waves of Purpose

Judy Fridono initially trained Ricochet to be a service dog, but redirected her focus to surf therapy when Ricochet’s love for water and unique skills surfaced. Together, they helped children with special needs, people with disabilities, and veterans, using the therapeutic power of surfing to aid emotional healing.


This approach not only showcased the bond between humans and animals but also emphasized the healing potential of nature. That’s why in honor of Judy and Ricochet, we invite you to celebrate the impact that they had and the lives they inspired.

Event Overview

On May 11, 2024, La Jolla Shores in San Diego will host a touching celebration of life for Judy Fridono and her therapy surf dog, Ricochet. The event will begin at 9:30 AM with a drum circle to honor their healing influence, followed by heartfelt speeches and personal stories that showcase their impact on various communities including veterans, schools, and surfing groups.

Notably, Susan Bahary, a renowned sculptor, will discuss plans for a permanent memorial—a life-size bronze statue of Ricochet on her surfboard. This statue will not only honor Ricochet, who passed away in spring 2023, but also all service animals and Judy, whose vision made such profound connections possible.

The celebration will conclude with a symbolic paddle out and butterfly release, reflecting their love for surfing and their transformative journey through life. Attendees are encouraged to bring surfboards if they wish to participate in the paddle out. “We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the extraordinary lives of Judy and Ricochet, whose presence will forever be cherished in our hearts,” said Jennifer Volz, the event organizer. This event promises to be a moving tribute to their legacy, celebrating their contributions and enduring spirit.

Why Your Support Matters

Your support for this event plays a crucial role in perpetuating the legacy and vision of Judy Fridono and Ricochet. By participating, you help continue their mission of healing and support through surf therapy, which has positively impacted so many lives. 

Your presence and contributions also assist in funding the creation of a memorial that will serve as a lasting tribute to their extraordinary lives and service. Join us to honor their memory and ensure their impactful work continues to resonate and inspire within the community. You can donate here.

Participation Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone, participants are asked to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Arrive by 9:30 AM: Join the drum circle that starts the event.

  • Bring a Surfboard: If you want to join the paddle-out ceremony.

  • Participate in a Butterfly Release: To symbolize transformation and journey.

  • Open Invitation: Everyone is welcome to celebrate Judy and Ricochet’s legacy.

Let’s Gather and Remember

Join us this Saturday, we will gather at La Jolla Shores to pay tribute to Judy Fridono and Ricochet. This special day is a heartfelt celebration of their enduring impact and the compassionate legacy they left behind through their innovative surf therapy. Come share this moment with us as we honor their spirit, commemorate their contributions, and continue their mission of healing and support.


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